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7 Things You Should Definitely Do On Your Next Disneyland Trip!

Partner statue with Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle.

  1. Grab a FastPass to World of Color

World of Color is one of the most magical shows you will ever see! A combination of lights, water, fire, and Disney music creates a colorful extravaganza that takes you back through all of Disney’s hit movies. From the original Mickey Mouse sketches to the most recent Pixar and live action films, you get to experience it all at Paradise Bay. Mickey’s Fun Wheel is the back drop throughout the show, meaning you will get some very insta-worthy pics. World of Color is a must see, especially if it’s your first time at Disneyland. The pier will be extremely crowded so make sure you get that FastPass for reserved viewing!

  1. California Screamin' 

This ride is for all of the rollercoaster lovers at the parks. The fastest ride in Disneyland, California Screamin’ goes from 0 to 55 mph in four seconds! With several hills and loops, you’ll be sure to get a rush of adrenaline. One great thing about this ride is that the line is usually on the shorter end of the spectrum – meaning you don’t need to get a FastPasses and you can ride it several times without wasting a huge chunk of your day in line. For a REALLY short wait, check out the single rider line where you can almost walk right on. Also, if you’re looking for an extra thrill, ask to be in the front row! It closes early due to World of Color so make sure you check it out earlier in the day. Screamin’ is only at Disney’s California Adventure, so if you’re a regular of Walt Disney World this is definitely something you have to experience on your next trip.

  1. Walk through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Looking for a break between the rides? Explore Princess Aurora’s castle and experience her story through incredible dioramas and displays. Walk along the winding path through the castle as you watch Prince Phillip rescue Princess Aurora from the evil Maleficent.

  1. Space Mountain

Located in Tomorrowland, Space Mountain is a fan favorite attraction sure you send you flying through the galaxy. This ride is indoors and in the dark, hitting you with surprising dips, turns, and twists. This ride is extremely popular, so you will definitely want to get a FastPass. We love to ride it first thing in the morning when the lines are shorter and our stomachs are still empty. You may want to hold off on those Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Churros until after the ride…

  1. Shop at the Emporium

Need some new mementos of your trip? Disney’s Emporium has it all. Really. Whether you’re looking for clothing, toys, mouse ears, home goods, or souvenirs, you can be sure to see all of Disney’s latest offerings here. And no matter how often you go to Disneyland, you will always find something different to bring home with you! Tip: go when you’re killing time between FastPasses during the afternoon!

  1. Soarin’ Around the World

Walking all around Disneyland and California Adventure can be a little tiring. Take the load off your feet while you fly around the world! Experience the wonders of the world in a seriously lifelike hang glider that slightly dips and turns as the wind blows across your face! On your ride you’ll see the Swiss Alps, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, Mount Kilimanjaro, and much more. The incredible views + the flawless soundtrack will make this one of the most peaceful and awe-inspiring moments of your trip!

  1. Reserve a Meal in Downtown Disney District

The Downtown Disney District is filled with amazing restaurants that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Craving Italian food? Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria has the most delicious pizza in California. How about some good ol’ Cajun/Creole? Check out Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen and feel as if you’re sitting right in New Orleans. And for all you dads out there who are missing the big game to take the fam to Disneyland, you can win too at ESPN Zone!  No matter what you’re in the mood for, Downtown Disney District has you covered. Don’t forget to finish the night with a Mickey Ice Cream Bar back in the park while you wait for World of Color.

There are so many amazing things to do on your trips to Disneyland! Stay tuned for more tips and join our mailing list!