Animal Kingdom resorts Walt Disney World

2 New Additions to Animal Kingdom Lodge

What’s better than one baby giraffe? Two baby giraffes.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge announced the birth of two new adorable members coming to its savanna. They are scheduled to make their debut by the end of the year.

Rori gave birth to Gemma, at roughly 160 pounds and 6 feet tall…wow. Also, last month Azizi gave birth to a boy named Griffon.

I found this extra exciting and wanted to share with you all for two reasons. First, who doesn’t want to hear about or see pictures of baby giraffes. And second, for a long time Janey and I have been wanting to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a room facing the savanna. I think now the possibility of waking up to baby giraffes right outside our window may be the extra motivation we need to book this trip. We’ll keep you posted.

Rori & Gemma pictured below.


Source: @Disney


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