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How Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Changed Halloween For Me Forever

Of course it took Disney to take Halloween from easily my least favorite holiday to my 2nd favorite (1st is Christmas). So how did they do it? By throwing a Halloween party that I honestly was not expecting to be so much fun. Let me explain.

This magical weekend trip began with a fantastic day at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. We were already expecting this to be amazing and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend this experience, but that’s a conversation for another day. We saved Magic Kingdom for the last day of our trip, a Sunday as this was our only opportunity to attend a MNSSHP. We had a great day at MK, and I actually remember somewhat dreading our decision to stay late for the Halloween party. It was a long day, I was pretty exhausted and as I stated before I had zero interest in anything scary or Halloween related my entire life to this point. I had Halloween in general on such a low pedestal. That all changed the moment the sun set and the magic seemed to turn up to a level that caught me completely off guard.

Dance Parties
Our party started abruptly in Tomorrowland. I remember standing around trying to figure the whole trick or treating thing out when we were swallowed up by the most hilariously fun dance party. I have vivid memories of Janey dancing while selfie-ing with Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. It was the amazing. Find the dance parties and dive right in. You won’t regret it.


Trick or Treating
Again, I seriously disliked Halloween as a kid. Yes, even the trick or treating part. Not at Walt Disney World, though. So much candy. So many amazing costumes. Everyone goes all out and the costumes add to the theming and magic of the party.


Boo To You Parade
We had never seen this parade before and it was an all around great experience. The headless horseman, the dancers scraping their shovels and the songs were stuck in our heads for weeks. We will randomly bust into Boo To You tunes to this day.


I think this was very similar to the Boo To You parade from an experience standpoint. We had obviously never seen this show before either so it was new and fresh. I think everyone can relate to how they feel when the experience something incredibly “Disney” for the first time.

Characters everywhere
It seemed like every single character was out and dressed in their absolute best Halloween costumes. Again, this added so much to the overall experience of the event and made us feel like we were doing something special.

I could go on for days. Riding the Haunted Mansion, short wait times on just about everything, the special snacks, the special merchandise etc. All in all, Walt Disney World’s MNNSHP changed my entire perspective on Halloween. It’s special to us now and we’re trying to see if we can turn it into an annual thing!


Have you been to MNNSHP? We want to hear what you love about it.


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  1. Is the trick or treat candy themed? 😀 Haven’t had a chance to go, but this post changes my mind! Halloween is also one of my least favorite holidays (hate spending time thinking up a costume), but this may make me love it!


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