6 Rides That Get Better at Night

What’s better than Disney parks during the day? Disney parks at night. I’m listing my top 6 Disney parks rides I absolutely love riding after the sun goes down.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This ride is fantastic regardless of the time of day, but it really seems to bump up a notch at night. It’s a very visually stimulating ride with great storytelling and the colors of all the gems really come to life after dark. Next thing you know you’re catching all the feels as you dip and dive through Fantasyland.  Nothing beats the views of a glowing Cinderella’s castle and Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel.


Tower of Terror

I feel like this one is a no-brainer. The theming and storytelling seems to get just that much more creepy after dark. As you weave through the hotel grounds up to the front doors, it almost has a haunted house feel. The majority of the ride is indoors but when you’re thrown several stories into the air overlooking a glowing Hollywood Studios, you’ll understand why it’s such a great nighttime ride. 


California Screamin’ 

I’m taking you out to Disney’s California Adventure park for this one. There’s no better feeling than seeing the boardwalk and Mickey’s Funwheel lit up at night. Ok there’s one better feeling and that’s looping your way through the boardwalk lights on this highspeed wooden coaster. The line usually moves quickly so be sure to ride it more than once.

Splash Mountain 

This is a perfect daytime ride on a blistering hot summer day, but I also love it at night. Going on water rides at night brings such a different feel and dynamic that it actually makes it feel like a completely different attraction. Also, this is the money shot at WDW. If you’ve ever been on this ride then you know right before you take the plunge you get a breathtaking view of Cinderella’s Castle. When it’s lit up at night, it makes that view ten times better.


Test Track

This one makes the list solely based on a personal experience Janey and I had. This ride is mostly indoors except for the outdoor finale that accelerates to over 60mph down a long loop track. On our last trip to Epcot we were lucky to ride this as Illuminations was lighting up the sky with fireworks. It felt like we were in a WDW commercial speeding around the track as fireworks went off all around us. Such a special experience. 


Radiator Springs Racers

This is California Adventures’s version of Test Track. For the same reasons I stated above, speeding your way through a fully lit up and neon glowing Radiator Springs is something you must experience. Radiator Springs at night is one of my favorites already so hopping on this ride puts the cherry on top. 

All photo credit: Disney Parks BlogRS.jpg


What are some of your favorite rides at night? Let us know in the comments. 


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